Monday, June 23, 2008

Starting on hair & recasting foot piece

Time: 3 hrs 36 mins
Total Time : 20 hrs 14mins
I had a few hair front pieces from other kits I was tempted to use but I've been avoiding any serious attempts at sculpting for a long time now so I forced myself to have a go. It took forever but I ended up with a result that I'm comfortable with. I'll make a silicone impression for this and make a resin copy as the Klean Klay used never dries/sets.

The shoe cover piece was also sculpted from Klean Klay so I brushed on two layers of silicone leaving time inbetween them to dry. The silicone is a 1:1 volume ratio and prethickened, making it a lot easier to measure and work with than normal liquid RTV silicone. Also because it's thick you don't need a mould box for small items.

A thicker layer of silicone was added once the first layer cured, no mould release was needed silicone comes off most things quite easily. There is a large gap that needed to be filled otherwise the resin would leak over and I wouldn't be able to cast the piece. I used some polyester putty for this, I tried clay to start with but I couldn't get it to adhere to the silicone. The putty didn't completely seal the open area but it did a good enough job.

I finally cast the piece in resin, which is normally chalk white and very high quality however I was being incredibly lazy and just measured out the 1:1 ratio by eye. I wouldn't do this on a proper model but I was too tired so it ended up coming out this weird clear yellow colour and took forever to set instead of 30 mins. Never mind, still got the result I wanted, a copy of my clay shoe cover in a hard material!!

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Anonymous said...'s pretty amazing to see all this. i mean the skill, knowledge and time involved are loaded. thanks for sharing this. i appreciate it.