Friday, June 20, 2008

Further progress on shoe

Time: 3 hrs 10 mins
Total Time : 16 hrs 38mins
I added some more Magic Sculpt to the basic shoe shape to "fill out" the shoe as it was quite skinny. I also added in the 'cuff' if that's what its called, the bit at the top of the shoe that sits against the ankle. Compared to the original, it's a nicer, more realistic shoe shape.

I don't find the Magic Sculpt the best product to sculpt finer details with, probably because I haven't gotten used to it yet and don't leave it sit to harden a little. I find the Klean Klay the best material but it's eternally soft so it makes things difficult as you cant paint or sand, it's just soft clay. I sculpted the piece that fits over the top of the shoe. The yellow part is Mori Mori.

Lastly, I make some more changes to help even out the head, it's really crap when hair is attached to the head, even when you aren't modding anything and just building!!!

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