Friday, November 30, 2007

Orochimaru - Another new project

To get a break from Shuichi I'm going to start on Orochimaru. Orochimaru is in my top list of favourite male anime characters and I have more than one model I'd like to mod of him. This particular picture of him has been a favourite of mine for some time.

Orochimaru will be huge compared to Shuichi (who is only 20cm). I'm using a model that is already 38cm high and allowing for the addition of the arms over the head, it should end up about 42cm. He's almost 180cm tall so that makes the model around 1/4. Working on Shuichi at his size is quite frustrating. This will make for a good change.

The model I'm using caught my eye for it's particularly waify appearance (discounting the breasts which are plentiful) and I personally feel it's not very feminine (many would disagree I'm sure). Unfortunately, unlike all my other mods, this is a Thai recast (avoid at all costs) so I'll be recasting some of the main pieces with a better quality resin, also I want to use this model in other mods too so it will be handy to have the molds at hand. The recasting process will probably keep me busy (unfortunately) for a while and I can't actually start on the mod, but I'll get there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another new project - Kaworu & Shinji

I'm not sure how much of this project I'll reveal. I guessing (I'm soooo optimistic) that it's not going to be as involved as all my other projects as there's going to be very little modification needing to be done with the existing models.

They won't be all that large, about 25cm and they'll be standing. I have other projects in mind involving these two, after all it was a long time ago that I watched Evangelion, it aired in Australia before you could purchase the videos as DVDs weren't around then. It impacted on me alot and fueled my current love for anime.

New project

Although there are a few models available of Bridget, I've still been wanting to mod one for over a year now. There are some gashapons, a new PVC is coming out soon and the resin ones never surfaced. The other reason I wanted to make one is the size, I wanted it big. The PVC coming out soon is 22cm and I don't really go much on the "victim" pose he's in, he looks like he's concerned for his safety, here's a link if you need to see.

He's 157 cm tall and the model I'm using is 40cm so a scale of about 1/4. I really wanted to use this model but she's been on preorder with e2 for 10 months now and shows little likelihood of ever going into production.

So I've ended up purchasing this little magic user as she was in stock at Hobbyfan and reduced significantly as they have a big sale at the moment. She actually has her arms in a much better position that Sakuya and her face is a little more like Bridget than Sakuya. Also she already has those wrist pieces and her arms exposed making for a little less work. Her arms are positioned much better also. The only downside is her hair is attached to her head.

I'm going to be modelling him off a Saigado doujin cover picture for now.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Migration Process

You may notice new posts appearing that are not dated this year, this is because I'm migrating the old posts over first before I make new ones ^__^