Friday, July 27, 2007

Belt, cloak priming again

Time: 1hr 22mins
Total Time : 88hrs & 27mins

Short session today as I’ve gotten as far as I can with a few things and need to wait until morning to get back into it. First I added some more bands onto the top belt. The bands were added by painting with Mr Dissolved Putty, this stuff dries within a minute or so and I layered probably about 6 times to get this thickness.

Next I primed the coat again, this time used a more expensive spray can, duplicolour and I’m not getting the spitting. Although I’m still only spraying probably four quick passes and the dunking back in the warm water. Warning DO NOT PUT SPRAY CANS INTO HOT WATER only warm. I didn’t take a photo but one of the cans nearly blew up, I was so panicked that I just lobbed it and didn’t want to be anywhere near it!!! I’ll go dig it back out of the garden another day and take a photo o_O. After wet sanding with extrememly high grit sandpaper, 3000 maybe? I’m not sure, it’s Tamiya and it has a furry kind of backing instead of just paper, it doesn’t have the grit on it and it was given to me by a fellow forum member so I can’t remember the grit. It doesn’t take much paint off though and gets the surface nice and smooth. I then finish with a coffee filter, that really brings up the shine. The previous paint didn’t need sanding with sandpaper, only the coffee filter, duplicolour has a rougher surface though so it needed it and it’s a small price to pay as opposed to all that spitting.