Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cloak redo

Time: 6hrs 14mins
Total Time : 94hrs & 41mins

6 months has passed since the last update. I've been working on him on & off during this time but the whole project was just wearing thin and I wasn't happy with the cloak. I recently started other projects and now that I've had a bit of a break I'm doing some extra bits on the side with Shuichi. He won't be my primary project but I'll continue to at least pick away at him.

Okay, my biggest beef with this entire mod is that his cloak is too thick, I've been pretending I didn't care the whole time but now I'm changing it. I didn't want to create too much work so I decided I'd duplicate it by resting some thinly rolled magic sculpt on the inside of the cloak (as it fits his torso snuggly) and build from there! The inside of the cloak was first coated in Vaseline so I could separate the old from the new. Unfortunately I couldn't copy the whole lot with the armholes otherwise I wouldn't be able to get the new piece out of the old piece.

I had to add a few miscellaneous pieces as the main part I rolled out obviously wasn't the correct shape. I left to cure overnight and with a little persuasion the pieces separated and I love the new thickness!!!

Then to make up some of the gapped areas and the sleeves, I covered the torso in medical opsite, rolled some new pieces over the arms and torso and pressed the recently cured cloak pieces on top of them very firmly. I'll leave this to cure overnight.