Monday, June 09, 2008

Fixing right leg and uneven thigh joins

Time: 2 hrs 24 mins
Total Time : 10 hrs 58mins
Just a small update on tonight's work. I can't stand when limbs do not sit inside clothing, it looks horrible. So I decided to saw off the right leg, bore out some of the underneath of the skirt and stick the leg back in.

Now the joins left where I removed 2cm off each thigh are very bad, also Bridget being a young male could probably do with thinner thighs anyhow so I fixed up the legs by pinning and supergluing the legs to their new thighs, then sanding a lot of the excess away with a Dremel. My Dremel is broken at the moment, when its on it's full speed and I can't fix it, when I sand (or anything) it's extremely hard to control and I end up making a bigger mess that if it was working correctly, no problem really just means more putty.

Overall the result of shortening the legs is much easier to see now they are evened out at that join. I liked the idea of having one leg behind him, a bit more interested than just having them together, seeing as the torso looks insanely bent (in the original sculpt) I thought I'd give it an anatomical reason for leaning back so far, beforehand with the legs just straight together it looked weird.

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