Saturday, August 09, 2008

Progress on hair and shoe!!!

I did recast the hair piece but it created too much work trying to separate the hair from the face so I ended up laying a thin layer of magic sculpt over the clay (glad I didn't clean the clay off!!!). Then I worked with some Bondo style car putty and Mori Mori and extended some pieces and added some pieces in between others, then sanded and sanded until I was happy, still a rough result but I didn't want to get into too much of a final piece because there's the veil to go on yet and I might change the bangs when that's done up. Quick spray of primer and I'm happy with it at this stage, much more modification to be done later though.

The shoes were sanded a little more, had some more gaps filled in and a spray with the primer so I could see how rough they really were and they are rough!! But at this stage I'm keeping everything rough so I can see more of the final result take form, as a mentioned in a previous entry, everything else I've done in sections and refined to the final result and it's hard to keep up the motivation this way.

So overall, I like the basic changes so far, he's definitely looking more boylike with the new hair, I'm not sure if the face will need any modification as it's looking good so far, it's a perfect expression.

I've added some surface putty onto the shoe and shoe cover to try and even out some of the roughness on the surface. I've scrubbed it clean and will give it some primer next to check out if its made much of a difference. Next I'll start on either the veil or the dress.

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