Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sculpting from scratch!!! Rickert from Berserk

This is going to be my first attempt at sculpting a complete figure . . . . . I've been modding so much over the last year I thought I'd at least give it a shot . . . . I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it but I'm going to try and I'm going to learn!!!!

Here's the day's work . . . . a very quick, not so great armature . . . . first attempt though and some basic skeletal work to get a base to work from.


Anonymous said...


Are you still doing this sculpture? Hope to see more updates. I'm also still learning. Thought it might be good if we learn from each other :)

fiathriel said...

Yep!! But it's on hiatus like a lot of my projects end up!!! I'm completely new still to this hobby (in terms of skill) and I think you are already flying my past my sculpting skills with your current girl!!! She's great!

Oh. . . . and it's so past our bedtime it's not funny!!!

Colour Wheelz said...

Oh, same here, always end up not finishing the project if I start working on too many things at once. Therefore, I'm trying hard to make myself to do just one project on hand, lol.

Btw, the Google account that I used to post comment before was for another blog that I had. Now I've used the correct identity for the Colour Wheelz blog. Just for your information :)