Sunday, May 20, 2007

More collar today and started sleeves

Time: 7hrs 14mins
Total Time : 77hrs & 32mins
I used the same process to make the other side front collar but this one wouldn’t sit properly for me to join to pieces together so I put some Klean Klay underneath so I could position them how I wanted ready for joining.

Then I smeared some putty over the join but the join kept breaking. I’m thinking next time I need to join pieces like this I may need to pin & glue.

Then I puttied the join between the back collar and front collar. There’s quite a significant difference in shape and making the result even wasn’t going to be as easy as the other side at all!

Then I changed my mind about the collar and decided to cut it in half after all, even after saying how ugly it’s going to make it too!!! I may even change my mind again down the track and join it back, we’ll see!

The join between this front collar and back collar sanded down to a nice shape which I’m happy with. The piece keeps breaking though and it’s starting to annoy me and I need to fix the collar on the right side so I think I’ll take a cast of it and clean it up after that.

I started work on the sleeve ends and laid down 3 layers of masking tape and then draped some thinly rolled Magic Sculpt.

It’s been a while since I’ve used it and its so painful having to stop work and leave it overnight!! It will need some sanding and shaping next. So all in all I’m making decent progress and he’s starting to look like he did in my mind when I first starting playing!!! Yay!!!

My finger is healing well and it’s safe to show you now (as it’s not so gory!!!)

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