Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cloak now fits!!!

Time: 3hrs 38mins
Total Time : 64hrs & 37mins
Got a decent amount done this time back on the cloak. I was so sick of the cloak that doing the hair and face really broken up the monotony of this cloak for me. I decided firstly that it was still a little bulky and secondly it wasn’t sitting on the body well, meaning it was hard to line up (especially balancing the collar on it). I thought I’d test molding it so the inside would be the shape of the body outline. I wrapped up the torso in plumbing tape which is super thin (it was either this or glad wrap/clingfilm) and I’m very happy with how easily it wraps, conforms and stays stuck. I then put some Vaseline on it and blobbed some putty on roughly at the side and pressed the cloak against the body. I only held it in place for a minute or two as this stuff sets fast, about 2-3 minutes if you are lucky before you have to stop working. The result is perfect and smooth!!!

For the rest of the torso the tape was not coated in Vaseline this time and this made the tape move a fair bit when applying the putty. Also when the putty set some of the tape was ‘inside’ the newly set putty making the cloak pieces pretty hard to remove from the body. I left the Vaseline off because I found the putty slushed around and wouldn’t stay put. So it’s a choice between moving tape and moving putty, I’ll go with the initial plan if I do this again.

Again the result is outstanding, the finish is smooth as can be and the fit is so good that the cloak pieces now stay on by themselves. The final plan of this kit is to set magnets inside it so the cloak is removable so this makes it so much easier to work with.

I was then able to clean up the stray edges with a dremel and sandpaper and then further dremelled the cloak until it was more form fitting.

Now the cloak stays in place without being held I could take some full body shots which I haven’t been able to do without putting him in the stand (which really distracts from the pieces). I’m finally feeling like most of the hard work is behind me, hopefully I’m right!!!!

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