Monday, May 07, 2007

Lots of progress - hair resculpted/shortened, collar started and cloak reshaped slightly!

Time: 13hrs 41mins
Total Time : 61hrs & 59mins

BIG update again, last one was over 12 hrs now I racked up 13 hrs!!! I was getting sick of the cloak so I decided to work on the collar. I made a start on the collar and realised I should leave it until after because the hair was still too long.

The hair was by far the most challenging and most fun!!! I penciled the areas to be removed and did this with a dremel. These areas still required resculpting. For scribing, I made guide lines with a surgical scalpel, then went over with an Olfa scriber, then used 280grit sandpaper, then 600, then 1200 all wet sanded. I love the result!! I also sanded the chin so it was flatter/squarer and rounded the cheeks a little. I will still need to regouge the eyes to make the cavity a little bigger, I’m not game to do this yet and I’m tempted to recast the face part in case I stuff it up!

Here’s some picture overkill so you can see the progression, reference pics and of course the final result!!

One side of the cloak was spray painted because I thought it was pretty smooth so I thought I’d see what the surface was really like. I was also advised by Kumama that instead of Magic Sculpting the rough and different coloured surfaces I could do this so the colours at least weren’t annoying me, thanks Kumama!! I then sanded it because the spray can was spitting and left some small blobs here and there.

Next I felt the armholes were a little bulky so I reshaped them by putting more putty inside and then slowly reshaped with the dremel and very coarse grit sandpaper. I’m much happier with the result however I probably should have done this before priming some of it but I didn’t really notice when it was unpainted. When I paint again I’m guessing I’ll find odd shapes that I don’t like again (but hopefully not).

I used some Klean Klay to form a very rough collar with a plan to place Magic Sculpt over the top.

I coated the whole neck and back area (around the collar) with Vaseline so the resin wouldn’t permanently bond with the model. I then rolled the resin really thin and wrapped it around the inside and outside of the collar. I also made some cuffs out of the left over resin. I’ll likely not use them but I had the resin spare so I just put did them anyway.

After the resin set overnight I removed the collar and as you can see in the photos the clay is left inside the resin piece. I scooped out the clay with a sewing pin from the three pieces to make them hollow (as I planned to fill them).

Magic Sculpt is expensive and you never quite now how much you’ll need. I continually under and overestimate the amount and it’s frustrating. Basically I’m using the repair putty as much as possible as it’s only $12AUS compared to $80AUS for the Magic Sculpt. I wanted to fill the cavities but they are very small and the putty has quite a gooey consistency so it’s not easy to apply. I decided to make a pipette similar to those made for icing to get it in the gaps. I used some baking paper and it worked wonderfully. As usual you have about 1-2 minutes to work with it so I had to move fast!

It’s now going to require some work to shape and I need to decide whether I join the front two pieces to the back collar or leave them separate.

That’s it for now, it’s taken forever to type this update because I cut a little bit off my fingertip (and some of the nail) on Saturday night so I can't use the index finger on my left hand to type properly and I normally type very fast!!! Also it’s been very hard modeling over the last two days as it hurts to put the glove on, I can’t bend the finger AND I had to grip everything with the second and third. I’ve done the whole hair resculpt over today and yesterday with it like this!!! That’s my one and only big whine in all the updates!!!! It’s not as sore now though. I have to leave the dressing on though and at the moment it gets changed every three days (just as well I work in a doctor’s surgery!!!)

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