Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shuichi - Sex change part two and short shorts!!!!

Time: 2hrs
TotalTime : 11hrs 15mins

I used ‘Magic Sculpt’ to make the shorts. You just take equal parts resin and hardener by rolling into little balls and eyeballing it, that’s all, then mix thorough by squeezing the two parts together. It’s good to put a little talcum powder on your fingers beforehand to prevent sticking. If you leave the mixed parts for about 5 minutes before working with it, it looses it stickiness anyway, but I still use talc on my hands, mat and rolling pin like you would flour for pastry. This product rolls out really thin. It conforms so well and is perfect for clothing. I masked off the panty lines and other gaps to even out the surface and the rolled piece STILL showed through these imperfections, I was very surprised.

I put a small blob of the mixture on the pelvic bone before laying out the rolled out piece, I don’t think he needs to have a ‘Ken’ style flat area, not in my opinion anyway! The rolled out piece is cut into two for front and back, it’s no particular shape, just an odd round shape that I trimmed once it was on the model. The piece is rested on top and it conforms by itself in the major areas although underneath the pelvic area needed a little push!!!

The process was then repeated on the back of the model and extra strips were added around the waistline as the shorts were sitting a bit low and some of the shapes of the masking tape underneath were showing through. Also there were some gaps on the inner thigh so more pieces added. You have a few hours working time with this product so it’s nice and easy and no rushing.

The whole lot then needed to be trimmed and smoothed out. I used some florist wire to wrap around the legs to cut the shorts to size, then a hobby knife to make a straight edge because the wire kind of pushes the edge out, used the same process for the waist line. The best part of this product is that you don’t have to bake it like many of the other hobby sculpting materials. It can be placed over anything, sticky tape, foil, cling wrap whatever you want to use. The shorts and crop top will be easy because there isn’t any shaping, but if you are doing skirts or cloaks (like I have to do later) the you can use sticky tape, foil or even material to create the shape of the clothes and then lay the ‘Magic Sculpt’ on top and it will drape naturally.

To smooth and blend all the pieces and seam lines I just used my fingers and toothpicks, the rolling motion of the toothpick is enough to mould but not alter the thickness or shape too much.

Once the shorts were shaped I smoothed the surface with my finger and water. It smoothes out really well and I put extra work in here so I can hopefully eliminate the amount I need to sand afterwards. This was left to cure overnight.

Tonight I sanded the shorts down with rough, fine and extra fine sandpaper. There are some gaps that will need filling that can’t be fixed with sanding. I may prime this area to see how it looks.

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