Monday, July 10, 2006

Garage Kit Build - Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation


Time: 1.5hrs
Total Time : 1.5hrs

After my ongoing protests on various hobby forums about the lack of male kits I thought I’d stop whining and start playing. I’ve decided to start with Shuichi Shindou, the main character of the Gravitation anime/manga created by Maki Murakami. I’ve chosen the anime version as I prefer the character design over the manga for Shuichi in particular. He's not really one of my personal favourite male characters but he should be easier than some of the others I have in mind. I’m a beginner, I haven’t finished building/painting my first model kit but I want to have a go at kit bashing now and build up my skills as much as possible.

I took some pictures of the kit as it is. The pose is good. A lot of the kit bashing will be "adding" to the kit rather than changing it. I have to add to cloak, clothes and accessories.

The clothes will need to be sanded down even though the original model has a crop top and so does Shuichi. It still needs to be created from scratch. The boots are pretty good and will only need some minor adjustments.

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Anonymous said...

shuichi is really handsome and cute,love the way he bawls in public!goodluck doing him!!ironic what he names his band though.