Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shuichi - Crop top

Time: 2hr 30mins
Total Time : 15hrs
Straight back into it today!!! I’m going away for about 4 days so I thought I’d made the most of today and get the top done. The collar and existing crop top is really not good so I decided to remove the collar altogether and also sand down the lines on the existing top. This is because the magic sculpt conforms very well and when I made the shorts the masking tape was showing through the magic sculpt then!

Next I marked with a pacer the guide lines for the clothing, providing the coat lines stay on after I sand the crop top otherwise I’ll need to do them again. These were all measured and marked as accurately as possible with a ruler. The model then gets a once over with some alcohol on a cotton bud to ensure that the magic sculpt doesn’t slide off too much.

This time I did the same as with the shorts, made a series of small pieces of rolled out magic sculpt and blended the overlapping lines together. I didn’t take any mid way pics as it’s the same as before. Some areas needed to be flattened as the material looked a bit thick!! Other areas need extra pieces laid on top. All in all it took two and a half hours but that’s including the collar removed and preparation sanding.

I used lots and lots of talcum powder this time and realised that it has the same effect as smoothing with water but works even better. I can achieve an almost polished look so easily now which will reduce sanding time.

This will cure overnight but no more work is going to be done until next week!! I’m dreading that cloak.

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